What does the word “LENNSPO” mean?

LENNSPO derives from two words: Lens & Spots. LENNSPO can be interpreted as “seeing spots through the lens.” Lens hold two meanings, from travellers’ lens as they physically see the location and from readers’ display screen as the location is captured by camera lens consequently experiencing the location second handedly.

What is so special about LENNSPO and how is it different compared to other travel planning platforms? 

LENNSPO delivers a visual effect of each location through maps and photos from different social media platforms in real-time. Instead of opening endless tabs when picking where to go, LENNSPO has already handpicked premium locations for you. There is no more need to scroll through a long list of “top places to go/eat/see…” Instead, LENNSPO combines all the lists into one with easy search options. Time to close all the tabs and bookmark places right away!

All locations are selected by Nat, starting from all the places where she has been. Created for wanderlusts that don’t have time to plan or simply for those who want to travel from the comfort of their home.  

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